Course: Intro to R Bootcamp


  • Justin Jodrey

Class Information

Course Description

This short course provides an intensive, hands-on introduction to the R programming language to provide students with the fundamental programming skills required to start their journey to becoming a modern day data analyst.

Course Objectives

Upon successfully completing this course, students will:

  • Be up and running with R
  • Be able to perform basic data preparation steps
  • Be able to execute data transformation and summarization process
  • Be able to visualize their data
  • Be able to compute basic statistical inference

Structure of Class Time

The in-class modules will consist of both lectures, live coding by the instructor and hands on programming by the students. The hands on practice will be sequential in which students will practice applying code as it is learned.

Class Prep

Since we have limited class time be sure you have R and RStudio downloaded and operational before class. You can find instructions to install R and RStudio here. You will want to make sure your version of R is >= 3.4 and RStudio is >= 1.0.143.


You can download the required classroom material here: . In this file you will find the slides, data, and initial code scripts that we will go through in class.

Insights Activity

Download the cincy_crimes_20190812.csv file here: