New Tutorials for Text Mining

Analysts are often trained to handle tabular or rectangular data that are mostly numeric, but much of the data proliferating today is unstructured and typically text-heavy. Many of us who work in analytic fields are not trained in even simple interpretation of natural language. Fortunately, many of the principles used to organize, analyze, and visualize tabular data can be applied to unstructured text to extract meaning from this information.

Check out the first couple text mining tutorials that have been released. Additional tutorials will be released in the coming weeks.

New Tutorials for Better Workflow

A.A. Milne said that “organization is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” If you are not careful your data analyses can become an explosion of data files, R scripts, ggplot graphs, and final reports. Each project evolves and mutates in its own way and keeping all the files associated with a project organized together is a wise practice. Furthermore, reproducibility is crucial in any analytic project.

RStudio provides several great options for improving your analytic workflow. This includes RStudio projects, R Markdown, and the newly released R Notebook. Check out the tutorials we just released on these tools and get your analytic workflow moving in the right direction before your next project!

New Tutorial on Creating Lollipop Charts

Check out the latest tutorial on creating lollipop charts here. Enjoy!

Updated Intro to R Bootcamp Files!

UC BANA students, the Intro to R Bootcamp slides have been updated to reveal the solutions for each Your Turn! exercise. Just scroll down to the Schedule section and click on the icon for each session in and you’ll see the updated slides. I also add my code to the script files () so you can see my approach to many of the topics we covered. Enjoy!


Welcome to R programming at UC! This is a a new online repository hosted by University of Cincinnati’s Department of Operations, Business Analytics and Information Systems that provides tutorials to get you proficient in R programming. You will find a wide range of tutorials - from the basics of getting R and RStudio up and running to more advanced subjects such as regular expressions, analytic modeling, and visualization techniques. And we will continue to add more tutorials over time so follow us on Twitter at @UC-Rstats so you can keep up to date on our most current offerings!